Welcome to the Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston founded over 15 years ago.  Our club membership encompasses members who've just started to members who have been reefing since the 80s. We can help you with everything from tank selection, lighting, plumbing, and chemistry to algae and coral problems.


Our mandate is the following:


  • Exchange information, share cumulative experiences, and ensure the successful husbandry of saltwater aquaria.
  • Provide education to the community through speakers, workshops, outreach, newsletters, internet presence, and interactions with the trade.
  • To promote captive propagation and breeding.
  • To promote conservation both within and outside of the hobby




To accomplish these goals, MARSH supports a forum and hosts many events.  Our forum is the perfect place to get personalized, local advice for help with your saltwater fish or reef aquarium? Search through it or post your question? We're a local, welcoming, and friendly bunch and its free!


Also helping us meet our mandate are MARSH meetings and events.  These include frag swaps, workshops, tank tours, picnics and BBQ’s, collection trip and beach clean-up, Moody Gardens backstage tour, and the ReefCurrents.org conference.  Many of these events are open and free to the public including access to our forum due to the support of our paid members and sponsors.   See the Join the Club link.


Besides supporting the above endeavors and the club’s mandate, for $2.50/month paid MARSH members also receive the following:



  • Support the running costs of the forum
  • Can post into marketplace
  • Can access the Members-Only area to
  • Access a member only forum
  • Access a 911 member help map
  • Access member-only marketplace
  • Borrow 1 of 3 Apogee MQ-500 PAR meters
  • Discounts at some of our sponsor stores