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Thread: The Fish Bowl

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    The Fish Bowl

    This store is located in Pearland off N. Main St. Itís very clean. They have a decent selection of coral, a lot of fish, and inverts.

    They also have quite a few aquariums for sale in the store. They also sell cured rock and dry goods.

    Definitely swing by. Very nice place to visit. I donít really know the owner so I canít comment about him. He looks like heís in his late 40ís. I think this place may be family owned.

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    Yes, it's family owned. I know the owner and he is a good guy. I pay him to baby sit my 400g when I travel and have no qualms about giving him a key to my house. I've always come home to a happy tank. He would even call me from my house when he was checking on things and let me know that everything was ok.

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    Went in there today talked to the owner i belive, super friendly obviously knowledgeable and really passionate guy! He even gave me a bottle of smart start complete that was still half full when i was telling him about my seachem stability taking forever! Only 15 minutes from my place really clean he was trying to get it restocked from his sale he just had but prices looked good and the display tank is awesome! So the verdict ....officially my lfs and i’ll be stocking my tank from the fishbowl!

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