Just remember that in IOT-World, sometimes you do not look at aquarium, aquarium looks at you! (said in best Russian accent)

From The NextWeb
"What on earth is it?
Itís a smart fish tank and, according to the company, itís the first one of its kind ďon the market at this moment.Ē

And thatísÖ true?
Kinda. There are a lot of smart fish tank tools out there Ė like the Fishbit. the Seneye, or the Moai Ė but these are components that you place in your own aquarium, rather an all-in-one set-up, like the Bluenero."

"It has a HD camera, a full spectrum of LEDs, a UV filtration system, a heater, an oxygen pump, functionality for both saltwater and freshwater fresh, and an automatic food feeder."

If interested, link below.