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    We just installed a 12' one and I regret not having done that earlier. Inexpensive, easy to install (once ground is leveled) and you can always take it down in you want to. No-brainer really

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    When the kids where little but a little bigger we did the above ground pool thing. With 3 kids my favorite part is we could take it down any time we wanted to. The worry that comes with our kids or others sneaking out there with no supervision and possibly drowning wasn't something I wanted fulltime so I LOVED the idea. Bought one on clearance one year and after a few years of dragging it in and out of the garage then happily tossed it! By then the kids where big enough they wanted to go to a "real pool." Best decision ever for us! Of course I was a weird home school mom so we completely drained it a lot because I didn't want the kids in the backyard at all without me there when that thing was up! The trees loved the sudden watering so often in the heat of summer.

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    Having had both:

    The negatives to an above ground pool
    1. They get pretty hot in the summer. Think "bath water"
    2. They are harder to keep clean.
    3. They leave a big dead spot in the yard when you get rid of them.
    4. Not as many filtration options.
    5. Blind spots from the kitchen window (since they're slightly elevated from eye level, it was hard to see my kids playing in it)
    6. Water is the same depth throughout.

    Other than that, they are great solutions to wanting to get wet right quick.

    I preferred the in-ground because of the opposite of what you see above. Would I do one again? Not an above ground.

    Good luck, mang!
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    We ended up getting the 9'x18'x52" Intex and added the salt system. Been running for over a week now.
    So far the only thing that is a little annoying is having to climb the ladder up and over to get in/out.
    And there is no where that the kids can reach bottom since its all one height. Might eventually look into building a pvc platform or something.
    Other than that, it's been great.
    The main thing is you just CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE!!! We payed to have the sod removed and ground leveled. And now we are putting edging and playground mulch and some stepping stones around it to pretty it up a bit.
    But all in we are looking at under $2k, compared to ~$50k!!! I mean if I had that kind of money laying around then yeah, I'd go in ground. But I don't. lol
    Like I said above, if we get a few good years out of it, it will be worth it.

    I'll post a couple pics when I'm done with it but so far it's working out well.
    The salt system is working well so far. Water is nice and clear/blue and haven't had to add any actual chlorine or other chemicals. Just filled it, added salt and started the sand filter, then a couple days later started the salt system.
    pH is getting a bit high so going to have to add some acid to bring that down.

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