Excuse the rocks they are safer in there untill I can aquascape. I figure I would do it when I put in the HMF when they come in.

I wanted some advice: biggest question is (in trying to get away with having more than one tank and keep my tanks I found a nice looking "stand cabinet." You know please the spouse make things look better get away with keeping etc. Especially since I have yet to get around to trying to fix the 92. That being said it is a nice used cabinet at least very nice to me. I have included pictures. What would be the best way to "protect the cabinet and use the tank inside the cabinet?" I took the middle shelf off and placed it on the bottom and there is a 3" clearance to the top of the bottom of the 1st shelf. I will probably have to move the top shelf up higher in order to have more of a clearance from the tank. Which will suck because a lot of supplies will not fit when I do. My son cut a smoke color piece of acrylic for me to go under the tank on top. (I didn't even think of that color, he must have like the cabinet too.)

I have ordered some Hamburger Matten style filters from flip aquatics to use in the tanks. I am thinking it would be best for the shrimp biologically. Of course I could be wrong and often am. Oh fish in there are green neon tetras, glowlight tetras, 2 assassin snails, and one otocinclus. I don't count the pond or bladder snails so the reason for the assassin snails snails oh and 16 blue velvet shrimp and 2 amano shrimp.