I downloaded an app called Aquarimate; it's pretty slick! I'm keeping a log of all my parameters, equipment, livestock, and expenses. Really neat. The app also comes with an encyclopedia of coral... there are a lot of types of coral. Tons! I think I'm just going to start by trying to recognize what I see at my LFS. Looking at them in reference books and this app is overwhelming.

Also, it turns out the Red Sea Alk test I bought is worst than the API, lol. The Red Sea one I got has accuracy of 1dKH. API looks to be .5. I think I bought the wrong one, should have gone the Red Sea Pro. I bought the red sea PH/Alk combo. I wonder if the reagent is the same, and the only thing that changes is the dropper...

Anyway, looks like this forum is turning into a sort of journal, which is kind of fun. If any other noobs are reading this, check out the BRStv 52 week series. I'm learning a lot watching that.

That's it for now. Next update will likely be for installation of lights and power heads.