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    Quote Originally Posted by Tray View Post
    Ok, I know this is getting old, and I appreciate everyone’s input and direction with my needed reef education. However today’s development is worth bringing up. 11/27/17 @ 8 p.m. calcium 400!!! Finally tested it 3 times with 2 different kits, for I did not belive it. Alk dropped to 8.5. Mag ph and temp same as yesterday. So I ask the experts to guide me now. It has been 96 hours since I achieved 420 calcium, and seized dosing pump. Calcium went from 420 to 400 dropped 20 ppm in 3 days. Alk started 9.6 went to 8.5. Should I calculate and turn pump on now or continue to test for another 3 days to see if it drops consistant?
    I'd go ahead and calculate. Three days is a good duration to collect data on usage.

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    Yes sounds like your ready to do the math... determine the amount to get it back to normal... dose that... then divide that amount by 3 and then dose that amount each day after. Keep testing after that to make sure things are level and adjust.
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