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    Curing live rock-newbie

    Hi all, I am trying to cure rock (combination of some live and some dry rock). Total of ~150lbs. I have the rock in a brute trash can (44gal). I just started but it has saltwater, pump and a heater. It is being kept inside right now, and heater is set to 80 degrees (300watt heater). A few questions:
    1. It is starting to bubble and foam at the this just die off (only been curing for a day)?
    2. I'd like to move it to my garage, but temps are rising, so will moving to my garage be okay (live in Pearland Tx)? If so, should I remove the heater or set it lower?
    3. If I have to continue keeping inside, can the lid be set on top of the trash can (not fully sealed)?
    4. How will I know when it's done curing?
    5. Any chemicals I need to add?
    6. Water changes? How often? 100% changes?
    any additional advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    You will need to check your parameters to know if it's cycled. I don't know if I'd be performing 100% water changes but that's just me.

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    1) Yes. Just get a cup and skim it out if you want, but it's not a huge problem.

    2) Try to keep the temperature below 86 degrees, no matter if it's inside or outside. No need to remove the heater. It only turns on if the temperature drops too low.

    3) Try to keep from sealing off the trash can. Make sure the water is able to interact with fresh air.

    4) You'll know when it's done curing when ammonia and nitrites read zero. You should ghost feed the rocks to help provide nutrients so that the nitrifying bacteria stays strong and healthy

    5) If your phosphates start rising quickly, then it means your rocks have phosphates bound to them. If they do then you will need to use LaCl to precipitate them out. Once you read absolutely zero phosphates for a week, it should all be leached out before you put them in your tank.

    6) No water changes needed. Let the nitrifying bacteria develop.
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