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    Rookie Mistake??

    My 150 gallon tank has been up and running with fish and coral for about a month now. I bought an awesome Welso yesterday and just now realized that my bi-color angel thinks this is cool and is nipping at it. The bi-color angel does not seem to be interested in pearl tipped bubble, or hammers or torches.. what do I do? Can the angel do serious damage to the coral??
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    Angels are known to nip picking at the coral. Just depends on how lucky you are with it. I got a Flame angel. It eats well, but occasionally I see it nipping at coral from time to time. But don't think it did any serious damage to my coral.

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    As Oneasianguy said, this is common for angels. They can be hit or miss depending on the personality of the fish, the availability of food and the amount of corals in the tank. If you have many large healthy corals, they can withstand occasional bites taken; new frags, not so much.

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    I had a bi-color for about a week one time. He would up with some guy in katy because of the welso lol

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    you can try keeping them "well" fed but have to consider nutrient input/export issues.. at the end of the day the AF is doing what they do... its hard to fight built in instinct..

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    trade you some sps or octospawn for him

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