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    Getting back in the hobby

    I was in the hobby and a marsh member a while back under a different name and have had plenty of tanks but I got out for a while when we had our first baby but I have always wanted to get back in. I guess my wife knew how much I missed it because for Christmas she had a custom 50 gallon cube and stand built for me. ( I love that woman). I will be setting the tank up in the next month or so due to some traveling coming up but I'm excited and looking forward to being active again. I have a special squad cape plan that I want to do in my new tank but it will require me to hand pick the rock. I recently heard that crystal sea Texas was no longer selling rock and that would have been perfect for me. If anyone knows of a similar company that would let me be able to be picky on the rock that would really help.

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    First off, congrats on your baby! Welcome back to the hobby and to MARSH! Sounds like you got a pretty sweet gift for Christmas, you must have been pretty good last year Getting back in the hobby

    Definately sounds like Crystal Sea would have been perfect for what your needing. Can't say I know of anyone else who had the volume of dry rock they had, but many of our sponsor lfs stores have a pretty big selection of wet LR. Ocean Life and Fish r US probably have the largest volume that I know of off the top of my head with That Aquarium Place and FJW coming in right behind them. Most are pretty good at special orders as well. Good luck with the build and keep us posted!

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    Hi Paxstone,

    Welcome back
    Congratulations to you and your wife with the baby!
    And congratulations with such amazing present
    How is it going? Do you have any ideas how to fill up the tank?


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