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    Sure - give us a call when you are in front of the system if you can't get it figured out. You can find our instructions here:
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    Great instructions! Couldn't get to it tonight, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have a chance to look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenny View Post
    Wow didn't realize we had an RO/DI Sponsor, would have bought from you had I known.

    So the ASOV was just replaced (amazon special) but it didn't make a difference. I tried hooking it up with the hoses swapped (still the right flow direction) and no RO comes out at all (which from the video I watched said would happen when you have the wrong hoses in it).

    The check valve was stuck so that no water came out the RO side, it was all rejected water. ( picture of failed check valve ). So I just made it free flowing to test it. I have a new check valve that I need to install (on my list of to do tonight). From the video I was watching earlier it made it seem like if there was no check valve it should still shut off with the ASOV, just there was the potential for water to back flow through the system. So the past few days when I was making water I just turned the ball valve to feed it water and set a timer to turn it off manually.

    The float valve could be bad... the way I tested it was I twisted it upside down and waited a bit to see if the water ever stopped. It didn't seem like any water was getting out but there could have been. The "rejected' water was still coming out at full power. This will be on my list of next things to buy though (from you!) if it doesn't fix itself.

    Was mid typing a response then work took my attention away.... always getting in the way of stuff!
    It sure sounds like the auto-shutoff is bad or not hooked up correctly. Just because you replaced it does not mean you didnít get a defect valve.

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