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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpeezy View Post
    Is your emperor in your reef tank? Has it ever nipped a your coral? Thinking about getting one but I read that their not reef safe.
    You never know with these fish. It can go rogue over night. I bought mine from a member here on marsh when she was tiny (1.5") - so far I don't see any nipping but i do see some aggression towards the blue line angel. I have some SPS, few goni colonies, and a large clam. My tank is still bear/very new - I'm definitely adding some lps and zoas in the near future so hopefully she behaves.

    Quote Originally Posted by tvu View Post
    Mine juvi before the flood demolished acans, space invader, etc.

    It appeared to like LPS with eyes since it left Duncans alone.

    My current rebuild has 2 angels and apparently the blue face does like Duncans Care for my new Juvenile Emperor Angelfish
    I have had a couple of queens but never a blue face. Yes for sure they love meaty corals.

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    DAy 4 He is swimming around a lot seems to be eating dry foods I put in the tank. No weight loss noted. I have asked two local pet shops if they have anything for marine angels and they just say no or brine shrimp. I did go to the grocery store and got frozen seafood medley which is a mix of everything and so far has shown no interest from what I can see. I cut into very small pieces. I did look on the internet for the Gamma Nutri Shot and so far not much luck locating. The top outline of the fish is slowly turning white which could be anything and looks natural. All in all he is eating and swimming around and has a hiding place which they like. As for my other fish they are just spoiled brats. they hang out in hiding places all day and only come out when they get hungry. Some solo and some with their interspecies buddies.

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