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    Changing lighting from MH 400 watts to 2 A360NE kessils

    hello all,

    My MH has a slight flicker and I think its time to upgrade to LED's. I called Kessil and they recommended 2 A360NE units for my 24" wide 30" deep tank. In the center and bottom of the tank is a 12" deresa clam that has been my baby for the last 7 years. Everything else can die but I can't let him or her have a single misstep.

    MH par readings

    230-250-281- top
    200-220-188- mid shelf
    180-157-160-bottom shelf
    150-160-130- sand bed where the clam is

    Kessil par readings

    200-180-170- mid shelf
    150-145-150-bottom shelf
    120-10-115 sandbed where the clam is

    I don't like being 30 par lower in the sand bed. I know deresa's don't require that much light but i'm worried.


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    Great choice! I think the clam will be fine.

    It’s your Calcium level ok? I belive they like a lot of Calcium.

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    Acclimate slowly - regardless of par readings that's big change.

    I would pick radions XR15 Pro over kessil any day. If your tank is bigger and need more coverage look at the XR30s Pro.

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