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    Unhappy Pricing Equipment For Sale

    Hey everyone! I dismantled my 150 reef when I moved 3 years ago and hung on to EVERYTHING (that wasn't alive) hoping to get it going again. Unfortunately I've been unemployed and although it breaks my heart I have to sell. My problem is I have no idea how to price the equipment. I have everything from clean trash bin used to mix water, every piece of plumbing, EVERYTHING needed to set up (including a huge bin of base rock). Any tips on how to price/sell this massive amount of high end equipment would be appreciated. I'm currently trying to take pics of everything but there's so much

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    Honestly. I️ would hop on one of the big forums like RC or R2R, and just do a general search for your own items in the hardware classifieds section and see what other people are selling the same gear for. The past 5 years in reef tech has been similar to the world of computers. Advances have suddenly come so shockingly fast, gear from just a few years ago suddenly may seem ancient.

    Iíve done the same thing when deciding how to price used gear. Just see what others sell the same stuff for

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    I think bpb has the right idea. Also, I see people try and make a whole system sale before parting out -- for your convenience. Just my 2 cents of what I have observed.

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    I see quicker turn around when folks are willing to part out over selling their system as a whole.

    Agree with above however. Do some lurking on other sites, fb, and even in our "Equipment for sale/trade" forum" and see what others are selling the same (or similar) items for.

    Not sure if you were aware or not, but when your ready to list and sell your equipment, per forum rules, you must a paid MARSH supporter to list on this site.

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    Allison, you not following the game plan

    Tell me what we had discussed, was it 2 years ago already?

    Btw, how's Taylor doing in SoCal?

    Just in case you wonder this is Ben.

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