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    What is this spot on my green serpent star?

    Ive had this green serpent star for about 3 years now and i dont get to see its whole body unless i flip the lights on in the middle of the night when its out and not hiding. This morning i saw this spot on it and what looks like a hole. whats happening here?

    green serpent star 1.jpggreen serpent star 2.jpg
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    Oh man, in my experience, that's not good. I've never been able to find what causes it. Some speculate it is some sort of an injury that pierces the protective skin and allows for an infection to set in. Others say that it is old age setting in. Some said poor water quality. I never found a definitive answer.

    I had the same thing happen to my serpent star. He was living happily in my sump where I would hand feed him every few days. One day when I went to feed him, I noticed a similar thing, a small hole in his disc. I thought maybe he got injured. I pulled him out and put him in QT for a month with an antibiotic but he just slowly melted away. It was sad to watch. On the good side, I found that they feel no pain so at least he wasn't suffering. But I'm afraid your prospects aren't good once that happens.

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    I know this sounds horrible but can you cut him in half? I thought i read the disc will regenerate if attached to the legs. Maybe cut the "bad" part off??

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