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Thread: Moody Gardens

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    Moody Gardens

    I was down at Moody Gardens today and they have an I-Max called "Ocean Wonderland 3D" and it has some AWSOME coral shots in it I would recomend comming down and checking it out I was really impressed with it and it is all in 3D it was great.

    I also visited the Moody Gardens Aquarium and really enjoyed the Aptasia tanks oh I meen reef tanks... I was really dissipointed there were only 2 decent reef tanks and they both had alot of Aptasia and dead or dying coral in them. They did have a nice sea horse setup with all different kinds EVEN dwarfs very nice

    So all ied really recomend is comming down and checking out that I-Max but unless you can get in for free like I did then I wouldent gp to the aquaraum unless you like fish and penguins.

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    Yes it is an awesome place. Here's some pictures to prove it:

    I also got to see the Ocean 3D Imax and it was SOOOO NICE!! Felt like I was diving!

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    I just went there today. The 3d Show is awesome. I saw a fish in the SPS tank that I liked alot. It looked similar to the picture of the wrasse in the tank but different colors. I think it had red line down the top of its body and had no tail. It was about 5" long. Do you know what type of fish that was? Oh yea they have a major major aptesia problem. The rock is so bad I would not put it in my tank if it were free. The aquarium is still cool to go to.

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    hahahahaha. i tried to tell them how to kill the aptasia before i quit there but they wouldnt listen. hhaah serves them right.

    the 2 corals tanks(the sps tanks and the "soft coral" tank right next to it) were my tanks when i worked there.

    those tanks looked good when I quit, i've heard they look worse now.

    i'll post pics of the tanks I took the last day I worked there

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    Ok here are pictures I took on my last day of my babies. Sorry for the bad quality.

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