4th of july sale ending Sunday 7/8/18.
Come by and enjoy 20% off all livestock dry Rock and live rock

New arrivals
Royal gramma
Bi-colored blenny
Copperband butterflie
Premium Snowflake Ocellaris
Gold head sleeper goby
Yellow Tang
Blue&red wrasse
Splendid pintail fairy wrasse
Blue Flasher Wrasse
Bulb anemone
Ultra rock flower anemone
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

Green bird wrasse
Radiata lionfish
Snowflake Moray
Coral beauty
Ora black snowflake clownfish
Falco hawkfish
Niger trigger
Gold-streak anthias
White cheek Tang
Ocellaris clownfish
Valentini Puffer
Solorensis wrasse
Gold Lightning Maroon clownfish
Ora blood orange clownfish
Redfin magnificent Foxface
Powder Blue Tang
Byno sand sifting goby
Yellow Tail damsel
Clarkii clownfish
Midnight ocellaris clownfish
Longnose hawkfish
Pygmy fisher angel
Red Fairy Wrasse
Bartlett anthias
Whitetail chromis
Flurry clownfish
Pygmy angel
Barrier Reef chromis
Yellow line chromis
Blue green chromis
Blue-eyed cardinal
Pink damsel
Lawnmower blenny
Starry blenny
Purple tang
Green Mandarin
Engineer goby
Ruby Red Scooter blenny
Six line wrasse
Yellow Watchman goby
Coral banded shrimp
Tiger Tail sea cucumber
Emerald crab
Blue leg hermit crab
XL Sailfin Tang
XL Hippo Tang
Mini Maxi anemone

Hope to see you soon