New arrivals at Infinity Fish!!!
Coral beauty
Dispar anthias
Royal gramma
Bicolor blenny
Gold Midas blenny
Orange kleini butterflie
Copperband butterflie
Clarkii clown fish
Mocha/Halloween ocellaris
Blue Sapphire damsel
Jewel damsel
Blue Devil damsel
Green Mandarin
Banded sleeper goby
Helfrichi Firefish
Diamond Watchman goby
Antennara spotfin lionfish
Blue dot toby puffer
Valentini saddle Puffer
Blue hippo tang
Scopas Tang
Blue&red wrasse
X-mass wrasse
Long tentacle anemone
Harlequin shrimp
Blue tuxedo urchin

Lots of coral and cool stuff to browse. Come check it out!