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    New shipment at infinity fish!!! Lots of awesome fish and coral in stock!


    *Algagen copepods now in stock!*


    Md Ocellaris Clownfish $15

    Md Platinum Percula Clownfish $28

    Md Black Phantom Clownfish $65

    Smd Onyx Picasso Clownfish $50

    Smd Lightning Maroon Clownfish $80

    Sm Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish $100

    Smd Tomato Clownfish $18

    Lrg Purple Tang $95

    Md Blonde Naso Tang $85

    Smd Desjardini Tang $50

    Sm Tomini Tang $40

    Md Yellow Tang $22

    Md Yellow Eye Kole Tang $35

    Mlrg Achilles Tang $140

    Lrg Potter's Wrasse $65

    Md China Wrasse $40

    Smd Blue Star Leopard Wrasse $40

    Smd Christmas Wrasse $30

    Md Orange Back Fairy Wrasse $65

    Md Tricolor Fairy Wrasse $25

    Md Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse $25

    Md Yellowfin Fairy Wrasse $20

    Md Bicolor Blenny $15

    XL Black Midas Blenny $22

    XL Gold Midas Blenny $50

    Lrg Tiger Sand Sifting Goby $22

    Smd White Sand Siftingr Goby $18

    Md Orange Spot Wtachman Goby $15

    Smd Yellow Watchman Goby $15

    Sm Yellow Clown Goby $8

    Md Purple Firefish $30

    Md Flame Angelfish $40

    Md Coral Beauty Angelfish $20

    Md Royal Gramma $20

    Md Bangaii Cardinalfish $15

    Md Longnose Hawkfish $38

    Md Flame Hawkfish $38

    Smd Azure Damselfish $7

    Md Fiji Damselfish $8

    Green Chromis $5

    Blue Reef Chromis $18

    Lyretail Anthias Male $30 Female $20

    Tierra Anthias Male $30 Female $25

    XL Zebra Moray $100

    Lrg Black Edge Moray $55

    Md Snowflake Moray $25

    Lrg Volitan Lionfish $50

    Md Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish $25

    Lrg Spiny Box Pufferfish $45

    Lrg Male Blue Boxfish $65

    MLg Niger Triggerfish $45


    Orange Linkia Starfish $22

    Md Cleaner Shrimp $20

    Md Tiger Pistol Shrimp $15

    Smd Peppermint Shrimp $6

    Astrea Snails $1.89

    Turbo Snails $1.89

    Green Bubble Tip Anemones $25

    Rose Bubble Tip Anemones $45

    We spent the past few days fragging coral so we have an incredible selction of coral pieces to choose from. High quality Zoas, Hammers, Acropora, Acans, and many more!!!

    Come check it out! Hope to see you soon.

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    Matthew Holden
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    fish the possibilities are infinite

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