Lrg Purple Tangs $110

Lrg Blonde Naso Tangs $85

Lrg Powder Blue Tangs $65

Md Tomini Tangs $35

XL Blue Jaw Triggerfish $100

SM Niger Triggerfish $25

Md Orange Back Fairy Wrasse $45

Md Blue Star Leopard Wrasse Male $65

Md Blue Star Leopard Wrasse Female $35

Lrg Potter's Geoffroyi Wrasse $68

Md Blue Flasher Wrasse $40

Lrg Tiger Wardi Sleeper Gobies $20

SM Yellow Watchman Gobies $12

Md Yellow Clown Gobies $8

Md Platinum Percula Clownfish $25

Md Green Mandarin Dragonet $20

Md Starry Blenny $20

Sm Coral Beauty Angelfish $22

Lrg Cleaner Shrimp $20

Md Blood/ Fire Shrimp $28

Md Red Tuxedo Urchins $20

Md Tiger Pistol Shrimp

We also got in an amazing shipment of corals this week. Too many to list! SPS, LPS, Softies, Zoas, and more!!! Come check them out!

Hope to see you soon.