New shipment @ Infinity Fish!!!

Mlrg Achilles Tangs $140

Lrg Blonde Naso Tangs $85

Md Yellow Tangs $25

Mlrg Blue Hippo Tangs $50

Md Tomini Tangs $40

Md Atlantic Blue Tangs $48

Md Eiblii Mimic Tang $35

Lrg Bicolor Blennies $15

Md Gold Midas Blennies $35

Md Lawnmower Blennies $10

Smd Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish $30

Md Flame Angelfish $40

Md Coral Beauty Angelfish $20

Md Potter's Angelfish $50

Md Leopard Wrasse $35

Smd Potter's Geoffroyi Wrasse $50

Smd Neon Gobies $11

Sm Hi-Fin Banded Gobies $18

Md Gold Head Sleeper Goby $20

Smd Ocellaris Clown $15 or 2/$20!!!

Md Flurry Clown $40

Smd Onyx Picasso Clown $45

Md Snowflake Clown ON SALE! $20

Smd Lighting Maroon Clownfish $85

Sm Kupang / azure Damselfish $5

Sm Blue Sapphire Damselfish $4

Sm Green Chromis $5

Md Bangaii Cardinalfish $15

We also have an awesome selection of coral to pick from. Come check it out!

Hope to see you soon!

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