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    Houston Flooding

    Hi AllHopefully the rains are behind us now, and the city can get back on track. Thoughts go out to everyone affected.But I have seen in my time in Houston that you are brave and resilient people, and everyone will come out stronger on the other side.We wish you luck in the cleanup, it's going to be a "fun" few weeks.EMF will be closed for a few days, as we had our own fair share of fun.Good Luck and God speed.THE EMF Family

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    Thanks for the kind words...I hope you have included you and your family in that statement! It has been amazing to see Houston come together over the past week. Sounds like you had your own Harvey experience though, is there anything we can do to help in your clean up efforts?
    Deanna Horning
    M.A.R.S.H. - Secretary
    Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston

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