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Thread: Ready to Go!

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    Ready to Go!

    The following fish are ready to go.

    Contact me directly for pricing and sizes, either by PM or on 7138537200

    Juvenile Emperor Angel
    Adult Emperor Angel
    Chrysurus Angelfish
    Regal AngelFish
    African Flameback Angelfish

    Harptail Blennies
    Midas Blennies

    Lyretails Males/Females
    Coopers Anthias

    Cleaner Wrasse
    Sixline Wrasse
    Exquisite Wrasse

    Dussumieri Tangs
    Lavander Tangs
    Blue Eye Bristletooth
    Powder Blue Tangs
    Epaullete Tangs
    Yellow Belly Hippo Tangs
    Striped Fin Surgeon Fish

    Blue Line Pipe Fish
    Dragon Face Pipefish

    Skunk Clown Fish
    Moorish Idols

    Pics on Request.

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    Ugh! I need to hurry up and get the new tank up and running so I can stock it with fish from Antonio LOL!
    Deanna Horning
    M.A.R.S.H. - Secretary
    Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston

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    Do you have a store front?

    Quote Originally Posted by sneezebeetle View Post
    Ugh! I need to hurry up and get the new tank up and running so I can stock it with fish from Antonio LOL!

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    ATI Sunpower T5 | Reef Octopus Skimmer | 40 Gallon Sump | DC 9000 Return Pump | Carbon | 2 MP40 | 2 Gyre X150

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