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    Clarion - End of month sale

    Hi a few items availible to go. THESE PRICES ARE ONLY VALID TILL THURSDAY

    Clarion Angel 5" $2200, text me for pics and video.* (This Clarion was tank bred).

    Yellow Tangs Medium $18ea
    Potters wrasse $25ea
    Exquisite Wrasse (Maldives) $40 ea
    Kole Tang $15ea
    Purple Tang $85ea
    Green Mandarin Goby Large $15ea
    Asfur Angel 5" $100
    FireFish $10ea
    Decorated Firefish $25ea
    Lawnmower Blenny $12ea
    Raccoon Butterfly's $10ea (Small to medium)

    Anthias Lyre Tail Female $15, Male $18
    Anthias Carberryi $15ea
    Anthias Dispar $12ea
    Anthias Evanci $28ea
    Anthias Kasiwha (Red fairy Anthias)(Maldives) $35ea

    Fiji A grade reef rock +\-50lbs(not less than 50lbs, not more than 55lbs) for $115.00

    Cleaner Shrimp Mediums $12 ea
    Fire Shrimp Lage $18ea
    Tiger Shrimp small/Medium $15ea

    MarinePure 8x8x4 - $46ea
    MarinePure 8x8x1 - $25ea
    MarinePure Spheres 1 Gallon $50ea

    Always text on 7138537200 or PM on Marsh. Contact me for any hardware items, or any other fish/inverts.

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    Man I may have to come see you.

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    Great pricing and Great quality fish! Super healthy, you won't be disappointed. Pleasure to do business with. I am one very satisfied customer!

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