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    Chager with gas an aquarium chiller

    Last year I bought a chiller for my aquarium that was not working, after cleaned and tested it, the chiller was not cool down aquarium water.
    My plan was take it with my to Mexico in December on my vacation and find a local shop to fix it, but I couldn't take with me
    So I did some research and I concluded that the chiller need some gas, so I order some part to fill it.
    I bought a bullet piercing valve, hose with gage and connector and gas tank.

    I installed the bullet piercing valve on suction side from the compressor, install the hose and connect the 134a gas tank. I turned chiller on and wait until compressor started, I reviewed pressure from the compressor and it was low.

    I opened the valve from tank and started fill it. After some refilled the chiller start to cool down.

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    That generally what needs to be done to A/C unit, car air compressors etc

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    Just make sure it uses 134a. Different compressors need different stuff.

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