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    Help to identify sps

    Just trying to see what are the name or requirement of these sps. Got them without name. Love the one in the center and bought the pack they came in. Pardon my yellow tang and flame angel for the photo bomb.

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    The branching ones seem to be Acropora. As for species, all except the one on the far right are either A. Tenuis or A. Vermiculata (it’s hard to tell the difference between the two, but A. Tenuis seems to be more popular for aquaria.)

    They are like most, if not all Acropora: they like high light, turbulent and varied flow, and stable water parameters.

    The one just to the right of the green Acropora looks like a Montipora, but it’s hard to tell the species from that angle.

    Hopefully this is helpful to identify the corals.

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