View Full Version : More amazing and rare zoanthid frags available at Infinity Fish!

Infinity Fish
05-14-2018, 05:45 PM
Fragged up some more fire today. Amazing designer zoas at incredible prices!

Rainbow Incinerator (1-2p Frags) $45
Rainbow Samurai (1p Frags) $30
ASD Leprechaun (2-3p frags) $80
WWC Jolly Ranchers (3-4p frags) $25
Bob Marley's (2-3p Frags) $40
WWC Purple Hornets (4-5p Frags) $60
WWC Magicians (2-3p Frags) $20
Ultimate Utter Chaos (2p Frags) $30

These guys are moving fast so get them before they are gone.
Hope to see you soon!