View Full Version : 20% off all livestock and live rock this weekend 9/30-10/2

Infinity Fish
09-30-2016, 11:40 AM
This weekend all livestock and live rock will be 20%
We have tons of montipora, hammers, brains, zoas and acros in stock and much more.
Red Sea Sail Fin Tangs
Blue Hippo Tangs
Maldives Lyretail Anthias Males and Females
Purple Firefish
Stars And Stripes Dogface Puffer
White Spot Sharpnose Puffer
Azure Damselfish
Midnight Lightning Ocellaris
Black Phantom Clownfish
Midnight Black Clownfish
White Gold Maroon Clownfish
Brunneus Fairy Wrasse
Carpenters Fairy Wrasse
And more
Come down to check it out.