View Full Version : Saltwater Shipment 4-5

04-07-2012, 12:36 PM
Got some really nice stuff in.

Springeri Damsel - small and pretty flatworm eater
Red firefish
Blue Harptail Blenny
Lawnmower Blenny
White Tail Pygmy Angel
Fuzzy Dwarf Lion
Matted Filefish - aptasia destroyer
Pink Paddle Brittle Stars
Sexy Shrimp - large and in charge
Electric Blue Hermits
Hawaiian Feather dusters
Tonga Nassarius snails
Strombus Snail
Dispar Anthias, male and Female
Princess Anthas - small but eating well
Long Horn Cowfish - large compared to what you are use to seeing
Camel Cowfish - small and cute
Jumbo Scooter Blennies
Blue Mandarins - large and eating prepared foods
Japanese Wolf Goby
Blue Stripe Pipefish
Cortez Rays - eating silversides well
Scopas Tang
Sailfin tang
Australian Scott's fairy Wrasse - female - super nice
Radiant Wrasses - awesome flatworm and micro-invert feeder
green dragon wrasse juv
6-line wrasse
Yellow banded possum wrasse
Coral Banded Shrimp
Srawberry Crab
Pink and Yellow Cucumber - large and nice
Fiji Yellow Leathers
Leaf Lip grouper - juv. Awesome
Scribbled Fishfish - African
Metallic Green LT anemone
Australian Lineatus Wrasse PAIR - rediculous
Chaoti Wrasse - another nice fish
Yellow Phase Fuzzy Dwarf Lion - not as big as the last one we got, but nice
Neon Green Nepthya - a rare softy coral
Red w/white polyp Gorgonian