View Full Version : 25% off all livestock. Everything must go!

03-28-2011, 05:15 PM
With the move eminent, The Fish Gallery is trying to find homes for the last remaining fish and corals. On top of the 25% off discount on all (freshwater and saltwater) livestock, we are slashing prices yet again.

These are all the fish we have in stock;
Lg. Big-Eye Squirrel
Lg. Sabre Squirrel
Polleni Gouper
Lg. Miniatus Groupers
Juv. Vlamingi Tang
2x Md. Tomato Clown
Sm. Ocellaris Clown
Sm. Niger Trigger
Yellow Pseudochromis
Corals are all marked down as well. We still have quite a few nice pieces that would look great in even the most experienced reefer’s tank.

The new location is scheduled to open April 15th, some come find great deals at the old location while you can, and check out the new store once it opens!