View Full Version : pico tank and mantis shrimp

01-26-2011, 05:38 PM
I have a small 5 gallon pico reef set up and it's been running since october or november. Houses only a g. smithii mantis shrimp and a peppermint shrimp. Yes, I know the mantis MAY eat him, I dropped the peppermint in as food and instead, they decided to become best buddies. There isn't much in the tank, it's bare bones as an attempt to salvage a critter I didn't intentionally buy but found interesting. All that it holds is the rock he hitchhiked into my larger tank inside of and about a pound of live sand.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or ideas of how I can improve on this tank without suffering loss. I have no idea what I can place with either shrimp that they won't eat. The peppermint was preying on my small hermit crabs and as a result, had to go. The light sucks, but cave-dwelling mantis don't necessarily like light so its rarely on. I'm seeing a touch of algae growth on the glass, but the sand is very pristine.

I run only a HOB 5-10 gallon rated tetra whisper filter <3

Original light lid is on top, thinking of removing it for a moon LED perhaps. Is there any kind of coral or mushroom or other creature that will coexist with them?