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    Question Need Recommendations on Return Pump and Skimmer

    Advice needed: somewhat noob. 6 years out of the hobby. Building a marineland 150g XH reef ready.

    Starting off FOWLR and then will go inverts then LPS and ultimately maybe some SPS as the tank matures, but focus will not be SPS.

    First time building a true sump. Had a HOB system before. Doing a DIY sump from a 40B.

    1.) best brand/model skimmer for above system under $400? Looking at Reef Oct or Eshopps X-220 but open to other models. Heard about Simplicity?

    2.) best return pump? One corner overflow rated at 700gph. Return height will be 6 feet.

    So many reviews good and bad on skimmers and pumps and have no experience. Concerned about noise (living room) and quality.


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    I have a reef octopus skimmer, it works great for me. But I only have a 90 gallon tank. As for return pump, I am using Current eFlux 6010. That is working well for me now.

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    I ran a curve 9 and a mag 18 on my 150 both worked great. Got out of the hobby both are for sale.

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