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    Quote Originally Posted by oneasianguy View Post
    I used to have Jebao, but it keep breaking on me, so now I am running 2 MP40QD on my 90 gallon. If I did not have these, I do want to try the gyre pump. Those do look nice too.
    Yeah, jebaos will sometimes break down. Always keep a spare in case one goes out. You can also buy replacement parts for them so they're pretty cheap to fix. But like I said earlier, you can replace the dang things a handful of times before you start to get close to the cost of one vortech. I've never had to replace more than one or two though.
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    I set up a 125 reef not long ago and have 2 MP 40QDís and they are set up in Reefcrest random mode. My corals seem to have responded well. These powerheads can definitely move some water when they are at full power. I only need to set them to less than mid point and everything seems happy and itís not an underwater hurricane. They do come at a premium to others but after having them now I am glad I bought them. I also like how easy they are to clean.

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